``Issues in Distributed CAD''
Prof. Alvaro Vinacua
Polytechnic University of Catalonia, I.R.I.
Edifici Nexus 202, C. Gran Capita 2-4
E08034 Barcelona, Spain
E-mail: alvar@turing.upc.es
URL: http://www.lsi.upc.es/~alvar

The views expressed herein are cast from the point of view of CAD and CAGD technology, and are undoubtly colored.

As our resources grow, we are attempting and executing the design of ever more complex, intricate systems. In doing so, some aspects gain more and more relevance:

The problems we face may thus have partial solutions in different realms. Many current techniques become relevant, but possibly in a mix not addressed before. These include:

Concerning the global sharing of geometrical and product data, many other specific aspects deserve attention:

While the communications resources continue their non-stop growth and improvement, we must strive to find better ways to exploit them within the realms of research and the productive economy.