NSF Invitational Workshop on

Distributed Information, Computation, and Process Management for Scientific and Engineering Environments

May 15-16, 1998
Hyatt Dulles, Herndon, Virginia


Workshop Program:

The objective of this workshop is to bring together scientists involved with the development and utilization of simulations of complex systems and computer scientists working on distributed intelligent repositories and process management. We will be focusing on topics such as

The goal of the workshop is to produce an advisory strategic planning document outlining open problems and proposed avenues of research in these areas. The application of further research efforts along these lines will help to increase the availability, effectiveness, and utilization of large-scale, cross- disciplinary distributed scientific systems.

Workshop agenda:

DICPM Homepage
Workshop Participants
Invited Presentations
Position Papers
Executive Summary
Workshop Report
Summary of Workshop Results and Conclusions
Background Material
Photographs from the Workshop


URL: http://deslab.mit.edu/DesignLab/dicpm/program.html
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